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Ore Dock & Edmund Fitzgerald Projects

Railfanning this location since 1967 on our way to Sioux Lookout, Ontario Canada for our annual fishing trip. An unforgettable memory and experience, and was able to go to the end of this ore dock to take photos for my previous layout. This photo is the Missabe’s (DM&IR) approach to Ore Dock #6 where Duluth, Minnesota meets the mouth of the St. Croix River at Lake Superior. Photo taken approximately 1995 before the Canadian National (CN) takeover. NOTE: The modern taconite unloaders which replaced the old style gravity chutes and also note the presence of two SD40-3’s on the dock along with the lead locomotive being a SD38-2.
Photo of The Edmund Fitzgerald on the Great Lakes with a load of taconite pellets on its way east to the steel mills for unloading.

The Beginning of the Ore Dock Approach

Professionally Designed and Built by Tom Cox of Red Pine Precision Modeling

First stage of a train layout is the thinking process of what you want. Second stage is drawing up the layout design. Third stage is talking the wife into me taking over the whole lower level of the house and convincing her that you promise to leave room for her office. All of the next stages are of the building process. Some fall into place easily and others take years to accomplish small tasks. One of those small tasks is shown below (which turned into a rather large one).

Beginning Scratch Built elevated bridge work layout route at east end January 2014 which will connect to elevated white styrene risers that are on a 4% grade (in background). This elevated lead track continues down and meets the main line approximately 16′ from its maximum height of 11″.

You are now approaching the Ore Dock

Work begins on the Ore Boat

I’ll be posting more pictures as work continues. Summer time is slow working with outside chores, running and race schedules, vacation time (seeing children and grandchildren), weather is too nice to stay inside, e-bay postings, etc. Winter time is working time on layout, building train projects, snow plowing, etc.

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