Canadian Pulp Log Truck with Unique Double Trailer


This custom built Canadian Pulp Log Truck with Double Trailer is a one of a kind model that has been built from scratch, then painted and weathered by Tom Cox of Red Pine Precision Modeling.

While coming back from a fishing trip in Sioux Lookout, Ontario Canada, I saw this Canadian Pulp Log Truck parked along side of the road.  I have been looking for one of these to model for my Canadian Prairie region Layout and low and behold there it was.  I got my measuring wheel out and measured everything on the semi, both trailers without the logs which had been just unloaded..  I measured everything in detail including the tires, the couplers and even the chains that were hanging.  When I got home, I was anxious to get started building this marvelous unique semi with double log trailers.  I even managed to duplicate (in scale) the door panel logo which was Querel Gravel  & Lumber,  Winnepeg, Manitoba.

It took me several months working full time to build this marvelous rig which did not include making the scale logs.  Fortunately, we had many red pine trees on our property so I went around to the trees and cut off small branches to replicate the plupwood on the trailers. The pulpwood was cut to exact size for the trailers. 

Photography by Red Pine Precision Modeling

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